Thursday, August 16, 2007

Backlash Over Book On Policy For Israel

by Patricia Cohen - August 16th, 2007 - The New York Times

“One of the points we make in the book is that this is a subject that’s very hard to talk about,” Mr. Walt said in an interview from his office in Cambridge. “Organizations, no matter how strong their commitment to free speech, don’t want to schedule something that’s likely to cause controversy.”

That sentence is completely insane and points out the real problem with what is happening on so many issues in our nation. This is America, but the heritage of political correctness is destroying our freedoms, especially free speech. How can any nation remain free when we can't discuss issues? What is dividing America today is a new attitude that you must not be controversial. You must not "stir the pot". You must be politically correct.

The result is that we no longer have a political dialog that can lead to compromise and understanding. We really don't even talk any more. We never have a civil dialog because the politically correct mantra of the Democrat Party says some things have been decided and can no longer even be discussed. You must simply obey the party line. Whatever is politically best for Democrats is right. However one of the really powerful political lobbies is the pro Israel lobby, and the Democrat Party has decided that Israel is wrong on Palestine. So if America doesn't condemn Israel it cannot be because their enemies are war mongering and evil, it has to mean that the Israel lobby is too powerful.

As this article points out though we cannot have a civil dialog about whether this is right or wrong. The premise cannot be discussed. Those who don't want it to be true, or rather don't want the Jewish community roiled about whether the Democrat Party is correctly aligned with the majority of one of their key contituencies, simly declare the argument is not right and cannot be discussed. End of discussion. No one will allow the book or the premise to be debated. The new standard of politically correct behavior.

This is the Democrat solution for topic after topic. It does not apply just to Israel. Try and have a debate over whether the Black Caucus should be supporting open borders and the damage that does to poor blacks getting a first job. Since Republicans argue that open borders harms young black males and that challenges the argument that Republicans are the "enemies" of the black community this premise also cannot be debated. Even saying it is true gets you labelled a racist or an uncle tom though no one even tries to explain how. Democrats don't need a discussion. Just hurl an insult.

We can't discuss controversial topics but we can hurl invective and insults. At least we can hurl invective and insults if the recipients are libertarians or conservatives. Discussion and free speech? No longer allowed. Hurling insults and invective at libertarians and conservatives? Not a problem for Democrats. Just exactly how is that NOT controversial?

Free speech is meaningless when it is never allowed to take place.


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