Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Reflections

Click on the title to this article and you will be taken to a web site ( that proclaims they are a group dedicated to our troops. Their major points?

  • They believe that our troops are "broken" by the battles in Iraq. They glorify reports about the suicide rate of our troops and insist our troops are being sacrificed for nothing.

  • They proclaim that war is not "glory" and therefore it should not be fought. They demand that no one argue in favor of the war unless they have a child currently fighting in Iraq and then they belittle anyone who does so.

  • They criticize the military repeatedly for the fact that Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire over 4 years ago. No action by the military will end their drumbeat on this issue because they are actually denigrating the courageous commitment he made.

  • They hold up as heros any Republican who has lost confidence in George W. Bush and is ready to bring the troops home.

It is a web site worth visiting if you want to hear the arguments of the liberal-progressive-socialist movement couched in "patriotic" terms instead of their usual anti-American terms. The truth is that they are still anti-American. They have just gotten more duplicitous in their salesmanship.

A few realities that they are ignoring?

  • The Islamofascist movement has not changed its goals since the late 70s when they first started their war against the west. They believed then and they believe now that a short nuclear war will cause American willpower to crumble and our politicians will capitulate to a world caliphate with mandatory adherence to Sharia law for all American citizens.

  • The first Muslim state to be take over by adherents of the Islamofascist movement is Iran. Iran is actively subverting our efforts in Iraq and they will glory in our departure from Iraq when it happens. Iran will shortly have nuclear weapons and it seems less and less likely that our politicians will do anything about that. Iran's leaders have said they will nuke Tel Aviv using the Palestinians adherents of Islamofascism to do it.

  • Iran, Syria and Gaza are already ruled by Islamofascists. Pakistan, Egypt, Sauda Arabia and numerous other middle east countries are at imminent risk of being taken over by the Islamofascists. Europe is now in the process of surrendering many of their most prized principles to allow Sharia law to be used against some of their populations, a first step to surrendering to the Islamofascist movement.

Shortly after Israel is destroyed by nuclear power, we will see nuclear bombs targeted against some of our cities, the most common list including New York, Chicago, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit and Las Vegas. These are the cities that the Islamofascists see as representing our financial and cultural power. When these are brought down they believe we will crumble. They now think that they were simply a little early when they did the attack on 9/11. However they have not changed their minds that we are weak and gutless, corrupt and culturally inferior, and that they will prevail.

The web site referenced above argues in favor of a strategy that the Islamofascists are delighted to see. As usual they quote people who they claim are Republicans even when they are people who, like retired Major General John Batiste, is quoted in as saying, "The best thing that can happen right now is for one or both of our houses to go Democratic. . . " Maybe Batiste may have been a Republican at one time but he has supported Democrats for quite a while. Claiming he is a "proud Republican" is simply a lie.

What I do not understand is how anyone can seriously accept the premise of this web site; that the willingness to do what the Isamofascists want is not playing into their hands; that aligning with their strategy is not selling out America; that proclaiming a belief that our troops cannot win is "supporting the troops".

Nuclear bombs are going to go off on our soil. When it happens there will be consequences that will suprise the appeasers like


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