Thursday, August 30, 2007

Richard Jewell Found Dead In Home

by Mike Morris and Jeffry Scott - August 29th, 2007 - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jewell was initially lauded as a hero after a bomb went off on July 27, 1996, during an Olympic celebration in Atlanta. He called attention to the suspicious knapsack that held a bomb and helped evacuate the area.

Days later, he became the FBI's chief suspect, as The Atlanta Journal Constitution and other media outlets reported. The FBI cleared Jewell of any wrongdoing. He was never charged with a crime.

Eric Robert Rudolph pleaded guilty to the bombing in 2005 and is serving life in prison for it and other attacks.

After he was cleared, Jewell sued the AJC and other media outlets for libel, arguing that their reports defamed him. Several news organizations settled, including NBC and CNN.

The Journal-Constitution did not settle. The newspaper has contended that at the time it published its reports Jewell was a suspect, so the articles were accurate. The newspaper also has asserted that it was not reckless or malicious in its reports regarding Jewell. Much of Jewell's case was dismissed last year.

It took some time to decide whether to post this article on "The Rule Of Law" blog or here on this blog. On "The Rule Of Law" we post articles about the atrocious abuse of our "justice" system. One group targeted here on the "Inner Banks Eagle" is the Main Stream Media (MSM), an equally egregious set of powerful forces that destroy people and are also not accountable for their abuse. The courts protect liberal reporters of the MSM and rarely allow them to be held accountable. These two groups, the courts and the reporters, always defend each other. It is interesting how many reporters hate blogs because they are successfully attacking the abuses practiced by the MSM while the courts protect them. Liberal reporters simly HATE being held accountable.

The case of Richard Jewell is an example of the collusion between reporters and liberal (i.e. Democrat) justice officials who pick their suspects based on politics rather than facts. Mike Nifong. Patrick Fitzgerald. Janet Reno. All three have attacked suspects when even a trivial look at the evidence with unbiased eyes would have given no reason to destroy people's lives. However in all three cases there was no one who would defend the targets of their lies. Why?

The targets were of course the liberals new "profile" of the bad guy. That profile is white, male, religous and conservative. Jewell was an even better "profile" than most as he was easily described as a red-neck too. It is always amusing that when the profile of someone suspected of a crime is any other profile, the first thing the liberal media screams is "profiling". It is never "profiling" when the profile is their favorite profile; white, male, religous and conservative.

Janet Reno and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution are liberals and still insist that their hatchet job on Richard Jewell was justified. They still say that their attacks "were accurate" even though we now know that nothing accused was correct. The "persecution" was based totally on the "profile" of the probable suspect being white, male, religous and conservative . . . . according to Janet Reno. The only evidence they ever had against Jewell is that he fit their profile. Jewell is a rare example of a liberal frame job that failed.

Scooter Libby is an example of how things usually turn out. There are still people who think that two "accusations" by liberal reporters make Libby guilty. Certainly all liberal reporters believe this.

Notice how all the articles about Richard Jewell still call him "suspected Olympic Park bomber" and not "victim of liberal slander." The second is more accurate.

As it turns out, Richard Jewell is a hero. He saved lives by doing his job well. That is what people should remember.


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