Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Return Of The Eagles

by Michelle Malkin - August 29th, 2007 -

Answering Answer

Photo courtesy of Leslie Grainger

On September 15, the far Left group ANSWER (”Act Now to Stop war and End Racism”) will descend on the nation’s capital to demand what they’ve been demanding for the last six years in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks: immediate withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, immediate closure of the Guatanamo Bay detention facility and immediate release of every last suspected al Qaeda operative in American custody, immediate impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney, and immediate capitulation to our enemies at home and abroad.

Now that is a really interesting list of goals. How many organizations do you know that advocate the destruction of America as a goal. Excuse me, they are carefull to phrase it differently, especially when they go in front of the public. It is only when they have totally democrat audiences they are quite that open. However when they always support any group that is an enemy of our nation you have to be an idiot to think that their agenda is anything but the destruction of America.

Answer argues passionately that Castro does a better job of providing health care than America does. They love him. They want to impeach George W. Bush, just as they wanted to impeach (and they still ridicule) Ronald Reagan.

In North Carolina business leaders support the socialist dominated Democrat Party with THREE TIMES the campaign donations given to the free enterprise based Republican Party. When business leaders are this stupid it reminds you of the old Soviet leader Nikita Kruschev when he said that "capitalists will sell us the rope to hang them". It certainly appears he was right. Of course Democrat donations are really bribes and the specific business leaders are rewarded for their corruption.

Another issue that always surprises me is the long term disconnect on Southern culture with regards to politics. Here in the South I have noted one thing. It is only the Republicans who adhere to the Southern axiom to be polite and non confrontational. Democrats hurl insults of racist and nazi and homphobe and sexist etc. etc. . . . . with no basis for any of them other than daring to point out they stand for socialism, or just daring to say you are a Republican. Republicans cower back from the insults. And America heads further down the road to socialism. When are Republicans going to stop avoiding confrontation?

Here is your chance. On 9/15 there will be a gathering of people who are fed up with ANSWER and the other socialist groups who hate America. The lossely affilaited groups known as "The Eagles" will be in Washington to confront ANSWER.

Will you? Take a stand. Be there.


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