Monday, August 20, 2007

Two Things To Know
Before Being Nuked

The Two Things To Know
Before Your City is Nuked By Terrorists

by Douglas MacKinnon - August 15th, 2007 -

1.) Tragically, horrifyingly, but quite predictably, it’s going to happen. The only question being which American city or cities?

In a recent conversation with a former high level intelligence operative of our government, I raised the possibility of terrorists successfully detonating a nuclear weapon within the United States. His response was sobering in its hopelessness.


2.) When said attack comes, you and your family are on your own. Period. My friend stressed that "our government won’t be there to help us. It is broken beyond repair and incapable of assisting those most affected by the blast."

There have been a number of reports that make reference to Al Qaeda plans to nuke 7 American cities at once. The most consistent list has included Washington, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas and San Francisco. There have been substitions in some lists of Boston and Philadelphia. What I think is most important is that there is high probability that when nukes go off it is not going to be a single city but will include many of our largest and most critical cities.

The devastation is going to be awesome. The death toll will be in the millions. The mutilated, injured and those dying of radiation poisoning will be millions more. Hysteria and fear will overwhelm millions more. Point number two above is what is sobering to many of us. Our government is not prepared to deal with the initial attack much less at least one follow on scenario that is credible. When this nuclear attack happens it will have been repeatedly predicted . . . as will the belief by many that appeasers and anti-war demogogues on the political left are making it more and more likely. They will be blamed. This does not appear to be of any concern to those who insist we must stop the war against the Islamofascists. The demand that we pull out of Iraq will encourage our enemies and accelerate their efforts to kill us. It is therefore hard for the appeasers to ignore that they are going to be target number one for many whose loved ones lie dead in our streets and who are enraged that liberal democrats did not just stand by and let it happen, but actually appeased and encouraged the killers.

A lot has been made of the fact that we are a divided nation, red and blue. At that point the division is going to get much . . . very much . . . worse. This is an important article that everyone needs to read. If we ignore the consequences of losing this war, which the ISLAMOFASCISTS started, it will inexorably lead to war here in our streets. This is not a war that we can avoid. We must win it.


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