Thursday, August 16, 2007

Easley Supports New County Taxes

It is important for Inner Banks Citizens to be aware of the latest plan to jack your taxes. The North Carolina Board of Realtors says that in a special deal with the legislature Governor Easley gave North Carolina counties the right to assess up to a 1% land transfer tax fee on the sale of property. Washington County is putting it on the November Ballot. Other counties are going to do the same unless we stop them.

Click on the title above to link to one of the web sites covering this proposal. How appropriate the web site is called "Its a bad idea". This is nothing more than confiscation of 1% of the value of your home. That is not 1% of your equity. That is 1% of the entire value of your home.

Since it is likely to damage the real estate market in North Carolina, it could result in wiping out the entire equity for some people who have bought in recent years . . . and still seizing 1% of what is left. How fair is that? Two serious damages to our citizens in one stupid law.

The major concern is getting the word out to citizens so they can lobby their county Commissioners to STOP THIS NOW. Do not permit this law to be passed. Keep it off the ballot. In the Inner Banks we are already the highest taxed counties in the state. Our area has an unfortunate tendency to see home owners as rich and able to pay whatever taxes the poor want to levy. It is one of the major reasons our area remains poor. The high tax rates kill our businesses and drive others out of the area. Don't let it happen.

Call your County Commissioner TODAY!


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