Sunday, September 23, 2007

Working Together For Real Solutions

by Jackie Gingrich Cushman - September 23rd, 2007 -

Reinvention and vision have always been the tools that [Newt Gingrich] has used to create the next phase of his life.

He is now deeply committed to one of his boldest visions, creating a non-partisan group, American Solutions . Its goal is to “fundamentally change government in all 513,000 elected offices across America.

“The core of the American Solutions movement is the belief that red versus blue thinking has brought us to a deadlocked dead end. Furthermore, American Solutions is focused on replacing the blame game and instead developing the positive innovative answers for America’s challenges.”

David Broder’s recent op-ed column in the Washington Post,
“Gingrich gets points for visionary ideas,” notes that “If big ideas and big ambitions can bring Republicans back to life, Gingrich is ready to supply them. And I have learned not to underestimate him.

This is an interesting article by someone whose political views are conflicted. One note of just how conflicted is her refusal to acknowledge Ronald Reagan in this article, instead claiming that Mihail Gorbachev brought down the Berlin wall. The author is the daughter of Newt Gingrich, uses his name still even though she is married, always makes sure to tout her mother as the source of her world views, and writes here with admiration only because her father is reaching out to non-conservatives. She writes as a liberal sort of conservative (whatever that means) for Townhall. Her articles tend to be more to personal and character oriented rather than political beliefs.

The article above is important because it indicates that more and more liberals are starting to realize that the partisan war is a serious threat to our future. Democrats of course blame it all on Republicans.

As a libertarian, I do not agree. You don't find libertarians or conservatives lining up outside rival campaign headquarters and spitting on their adversaries. Libertarians and conservatives don't disrupt speeches of liberals by stomping and yelling until the meeting is cancelled. They don't burn black churches and claim that racists did it. They don't pass corporate welfare bills to protect union jobs and then denounce Republicans in an attempt to distance themselves from accountability for their own actions.

In short libertarian's and conservative's biggest problem is that they don't see politics as war, the way the socialists in the Democrat Party see it. I believe we should. Just because you see it as war does not mean that you cannot act with civility.

Because Newt Gingrich is a brilliant man I will always listen to ideas he comes up with. Like Broder I have come not to underestimate him. As a former college professor he is also a master of process. So it is worth paying attention to this meeting he calls American Solutions. Even his daughter seems to feel it will be good for America. I hope it is.


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