Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Liberals Lie, Children Die

by Kevin McCullough - September 16th, 2007 - Townhall.com

It is horrific enough that the purpose in the original founding of Planned Parenthood was to originally wipe out the future generations of black children. To understand the depth of the racism Margaret Sanger practiced and believed personally is nauseating. She detailed much of it for posterity in her own writings.

It is equally disturbing that Planned Parenthood has championed the practice of giving aid to child rapists. The average age of the girls seeking abortions in Planned Parenthood's facilities ranges 14-17. The average age of the sperm donors in these same cases ranges 23-28. Multiple sting operations across the country have netted endless hours of taped phone calls demonstrating how the Planned Parenthood operators encourage the girl to not volunteer her age over the phone as a willful act perpetrating supposed ignorance for the ability to plead, "That they didn't know."

It is one of the most amazing programs of deception in the last two generations that black Americans still vote for a party which embraces with open arms an organization dedicated to their destruction. Even though the organization has come up with pronoucements that they disavow this original goal, their devastation in the black community continues as if they had never changed the goal. So why does anyone think they have? Sincere statements to the contrary, abortion has become a way of life in the black community because of Planned Parenthood.

If you doubt they are a duplicitous organization, simply look at their practices here.

Steve Trombley, head of Planned Parenthood Chicago, said in an interview with Fox News that it was his feeling that Planned Parenthood had answered every question honestly and that his crew had followed the letter of the law.

He the[n] added, "We did however work hard to make sure that our opponents did not find out."

But doesn't purposefully deceiving city officials on municipal legal forms, permits, and applications add up to fraud?

The Village of Aurora thought so. At least enough to haul Planned Parenthood before the judge who will now decide the case? The Aurora case follows similar deceptions in Texas, Washington DC, and New York. In the Texas case the deceptions even extended to the contractors working on the structure. To which when they discovered what they were building - walked out on the job and never completed it.

Planned Parenthood is an organization dedicate to perpetrating a fraud, on communities where they are building their abortion clinics, and on black Americans who still suffer disproportionately the attendion of a group founded to wipe out their race.


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