Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Sleazy Tactics Of George Soros

Editorial - September 10th, 2007 - Charlotte Examiner

It appears that lurking in the political shadows with billionaire philanthropist and Democratic financier George Soros is a tar pit of old-fashioned sleaze. It’s hard to conclude otherwise in view of two recent election fraud verdicts against political activist groups heavily financed by Soros.

This is an article of amazing contrasts and frightening implications. It is critical of the arrogant disregard by Liberal Democrat groups backed by Soros of the election laws that have been passed to allow government officials to harrass any group which will not obey their rules. However though no Republican groups were fined as egregiously as these two groups the long term prospects are of great concern. These laws insist that the only way to get involved in politics is by giving to candiates directly.

Starting with the author calling these violations of law "sleaze" there is nothing about these laws that encourage anyone to get involved in the political process. The new laws sanction anyone who does not limit their political involvment to the way the incumbents want elections to work.

The article also correctly suggests the probable long term consequences of the whole process of fining people who will not follow these new rules will be controlled by government officials who are overwhelmingly liberal and reported by a press that is overwhelmingly liberal. It is unlikely that this will help the libertarian-conservative views of Republicans get an honest hearing in the campaigns of the future.

Adherence to campaign rules here in North Carolina has become something that only applies to Republicans. Democrats are only rarely charged with crimes that no Republican would ever be permitted to even think about. An investigation by these government officials is by itself enough to crush an underfinanced organization. That is the reason so many Democrats are being convicted of crimes. They don't think the rules aplly to them and they act accordingly.

It is going to be interesting to see if the conviction of Black and others in their corrupt use of power changes anything here in North Carolina. The encouragement of this author that Soros be the attention of some press coverage is not likely given the backing of Soros of the vast majority of the press. Soros, like Black, simply doesn't expect the laws apply to him.


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