Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hillary Clinton Campaign Donates
Fugitive Contributor's Money to Charity

by Staff - August 30th, 2007 - FoxNews.com

Hsu, who may have raised more than $1 million for Democrats, including $23,000 identified by the Clinton campaign, said he had done nothing wrong and had asked no favors in return. But a California prosecutor says Hsu pleaded no contest to grand theft [embezzling $1 million] and was facing a sentence of up to three years in prison when he disappeared in 1991, The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday.

He gave $1 million to democrats and he embezzled $1 million. Certainly is easy to see why he is so free with campaign donations. It is not his money!

And anyway Hilary, didn't anyone ever tell you not to mess around with a boy named Hsu?


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