Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Black" Republican Wins Louisiana Governorship

by Melinda Deslatte - Oct 21st, 2007 - Associated Press (

Jindal wins Louisiana governor's race

Bobby Jindal

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) -- U.S. Rep. Bobby Jindal became the nation's youngest governor and the first nonwhite to hold post in Louisiana since Reconstruction when he carried more than half the vote to defeat 11 opponents.

No runoff! Bobby Jindal carried more than half the vote in a race with twelve contestants. Two of them were wealthy representatives of the limousine liberal wing of the socialist, er excuse me, Democrat Party. This is the same wing of the party that produced the incompetent Kathleen Blanco, former Louisiana Governor who failed at everything she did during the Katrina crisis except persuade the liberals in the press to blame that state crisis in fraud and mismanagement on the federal government. That she managed.

The people of Louisiana were not amused. They saw the Democrat corruption and its impact on their state up close and personal. Their response? Try a Republican.

[One of the funniest parts of the coverage of Bobby's victory is the way liberals in the press cannot call him "black" any more. Before he won he was "black" and they predicted Republicans would not support him. Now that he wins he is "non-white". ROTFL!]

Bobby Jindal is one of the new group of young Republican super stars like Ken Blackwell, Treasurer in Ohio, Michael Steele, Lt. Governor in Maryland, and J.C. Watts, Congressman from Oklahoma, who are "black" yet get elected with no black support. Not even the votes of black conservatives.

Liberals in the black community have so intimidated black conservatives by insulting them with the "Uncle Tom" label that there are few willing to stand up and vote for any Republican. Even in our secret ballot process. You therefore get the bizarre situation where black leaders claim that some secret cabal of Republican power brokers are making the white community in some states vote for "token" blacks even though the voters there are racists. They even call people like Juan Williams "Uncle Tom" if they dare disagree with the Democrat Party on any issue. Juan Williams an "Uncle Tom"? They reviled Bill Cosby and called him an "Uncle Tom" when he complained about glorifying the rejection of education.

This idiot accusation, that white Republicans are voting for a black Republican even though they are racists, is still believed by a majority of blacks even when a huge majority of white voters vote for an intelligent person who happens to be black. I would love to be able to ask the black leaders who make this asinine claim, just who is being racist here?

Congratulations to Bobby Jindal. I hope this moves us towards the day that we really can make these voting decisions without concern for what color the candidate is and strictly on what is best for our society.

Black conservatives belong in the Republican Party. I wonder when they are going to get past the accusations of "racism" expressed by liberal-progressive-socialist black leaders and see that?


At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bobby Jindal is NOT black. He's actually of Indian descent. His parents migrated from India and he was born and raised here, but he's not African, African-American, black, or any other such "race". He's an American and that's all that matters. Way to go Bobby! We need you here in NC!


At 3:54 PM, Blogger Dean Stephens said...

Katy, I am aware that Bobby is from India. However the British long failed to discriminate black between African and Indian, and those in America who truly are racist don't discriminate either. Republicans have long proved they accept both Africans and Indians as Americans, just as you did. It is the Democrats who are convinced that we won't.


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