Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fred Smith Plays Innsbrook Hole 17

This is my first video (done with a borrowed video camera since I don't own one). I made two mistakes. I did not notice that the camera was on night mode so the color came out grey-green. If I had noticed . . . one click on the button and the camera would have produced brilliant color. I won't do that again. And when I was panning the camera to follow the ball I tried to zoom at the same time. I won't do that again either. I lost the ball and the simultaneous zoom and pan made the video very erratic. We were rushed for time at the press conference and had to leave immediately so I didn't have time to check things out the way I should have. Just shoot the video and leave. It was only later when I got to review the video that I found the mistakes. However Fred did his job and I didn't do mine.

I hope Fred will forgive me for posting this anyway, but this is still pretty cool video.

This 17th hole at Innsbrook is going to be a famous golf hole some day, and Fred Smith was the first person to play the hole, and the first person to par the hole. Good job Fred.

The Innsbrook course is not completed and they only put the cup on the one hole Fred was going to play for this special event. Until Arnold Palmer (the course designer) plays his round next spring they will not be putting cups on any of the other greens. In fact they removed the cup from this hole as soon as we left. A special thanks for letting us use the hole for our press conference and the visual statement about having the courage to take risks. Playing this tough a hole for the camera shows Fred Smith is not afraid to take risks. Then again he has proved that many times.


At 10:29 AM, Blogger Thunder Pig said...

It is a good effort...looks like how they used to shoot day for night on the old B&W Andy Griffith Show.

We learn by doing!


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