Sunday, October 07, 2007

The NEW Greatest Generation . . . .
Today's Generation!

When can a Democracy go to war? The problem is that if any portion of our democracy's people oppose the war they can continue to argue against the war as long as the war goes on. That erodes support for the war but it does not undo the deaths and injuries that our soldiers suffer during the war. We saw the contemptible result in Vietnam. Soldiers who were asked to die and suffer were insulted when they returned.

Today Democrats sneer at the idea that our soldiers are dying in Iraq for "nothing". This time they are trying to claim they support the soldiers anyway. However we have a volunteer army and the one thing they can't deny is that we voted to send them there. Saying it was a "mistake" is saying these men and women died for nothing too. Saying that someone "lied" them into supporting the war means they did not do their homework and did not understand what was at risk.

War is hell. You don't go to war until you are sure that it is necessary. You don't need General Sherman to remind you of this. History is dominated with reminders.

In this war against the Islamofascists we were attacked, repeatedly over more than 20 years. We decided through a participatory democratic process to go to war. A great group of courageous and thoughtful volunteers have chosen to risk themselves and their lives for our freedom.

This is a moving and amazing video about those GREAT people who have volunteered to to serve us.

Double Click on arrow to play video.

We remember. God Bless America and today's generation!


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