Thursday, September 27, 2007

Summer Celebration
Team Photos

These are the team members who competed in the Summer Celebration Super Ball Tournament. In every photo, Superstar Lee Greenwood is on the left, and the event host, Senator Fred Smith is on the right.

Graham Clements, Jon Johnson, George Venoitelli and Ed Karpus

Don Lawrence, Tim Bell, Troy Powell and Waylon Blakely

Chuck Tyson, Dwayne Brabble and Phil Wittington

Phil Adams, Ed Dunavant, Randolph Reid and Michael Dean Chadwic

Johnny Hocutt, David Wood and Bill Berning

Lanier Casler, Jonathan Martin, Jason Nappier and Jackson Stancil

Mike Jones, Sam Lee and Bob Sar

Johnny Hayes, Larry Morrison, Tim Ratte and Don Bunting

Marty Clayton, Bill Garnett, Todd Tucker and Bobby Crocker

Geoff Shiley, Don McEnter, Blair Mitchell and Phil Jawny

Brad Lovin, Mike Scenti, Alan Marks and Seth Pendergrass

Rod Austin, Jake Austin, Ken Fraser and Richard Godwin

Tom Thrower, Tim Johnson and Charlie Sessoms

David Lyles, Mark O'Dell, Jim Pridgen and Larry Bewley

Brayn Holloway, Daniel Amburn, Al Hunter and Ben Campen

Art Odum, Doug Carlson, Keith Brokke and Derrick Johnson


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