Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fred Smith
Statewide BBQ Tour
In Warren County

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The Fred Smith 100 County Statewide BBQ Tour is is a lot of work, especially in getting to all the small counties of North Carolina. That is why no one else does this. Fred is known for his hard work and taking the extra effort. That he is actually going to every county in North Carolina to meet with the people is appreciated as Senator Smith campaigns for Governor of North Carolina. It is consistent with the title of his autobiography, "A little extra effort". In this case it is not a little, but a lot of extra effort.

That this tour is not the typical sweep through and meet VIPs is appreciated by the people who want to get to know him. Fred is personally signing his autobiography for anyone who comes out. He will be coming to your area and if you want to meet this man so many want to see be our next governor, all you have to do is take a couple of hours from your schedule. Fred will be in your area soon.

What brings the people out? Fred Smith's story is about the values of hard work, honesty, loyalty and the qualities that made America great. From his mother, a teacher and his father,a coach -- he learned two important lessons -- If you work hard and get a good education, you can achieve the American Dream!

The event in Warren County was at the Longbridge Fire Department on Eaton Ferry Rd., just south of the Eaton Ferry Bridge. People started arriving early as usual.

After the invocation, national anthem and pledge of allegiance, we lined up for the great free BBQ.

Fred (shown above) always takes time to go around and meet everyone who shows up. Mike Wilburt (shown below), Chairman of the Warren County Republican Party and Vice Chairman of the First District for the Republican Party, was master of cermonies.

Fred (below) relaxes before he goes on to speak.

Candidate for NC Senate, Chuck Stires (shown below) introduces Fred Smith to the gathering.

Senator Fred Smith (shown below) spoke of his love for our State of North Carolina, and his belief that government is out of touch with what the majority of people want. He talked about the things that make us great and the things that help us enjoy the freedom of our great nation America. Though I have seen him make a powerful speech in a more formal environment, these talks are always low key and personal. It is part of what makes them such a great connection between Fred and the people who come out.

Warren County had a very good turnout, as the reputation of this 100 County BBQ tour for good food and an opportunity to meet our next Governor spreads around to the local people of North Carolina.

Afterwards Fred always takes time to sign his autobiography and talk with those who came to meet him. Fred really lives the theme of his autobiography, "The difference between good and great is a little extra effort." The Warren County stop on the Fred Smith Statewide BBQ was a resounding success thanks to all the great people who came out.

The Warren County GOP Released the following Press Release About the Event:
Lake Gaston, NC – 9/24/07: Republican State Senator Fred Smith brought his campaign for governor to Warren County Monday. The event was part of Senator Smith’s 2008 Statewide BBQ Tour. About 40 county residents attended the catered BBQ lunch held at the Longbridge Fire Department near Lake Gaston.

“I’m very pleased so many good conservatives took time away from their jobs and other tasks to attend the BBQ and meet Senator Smith,” said Mike Wilburt, chairman of the Warren County Republican Party. “It’s not very often that a candidate for governor takes the time to really visit Warren County. Senator Smith knows that every county is important to our state.”

The BBQ events are scheduled for all of North Carolina’s 100 counties. “It would be much easier to just campaign in 15 metropolitan counties, and let TV ads cover the rest of the state,” Senator Smith said. “But it’s important to hear what the people are saying, listen to their concerns. And that can only be done by hitting the road and getting together with folks in every corner of the state.”

In his remarks, Senator Smith focused on issues that have been ignored or given little attention by the Democrat leadership in Raleigh: Education reform that puts students first. Job creation that supports and promotes small business and entrepreneurship. Rebuilding our infrastructure to regain our reputation as the “good roads state”. Public safety that secures our homes, streets and schools. Healthcare that is accessible and affordable. He will seek Constitutional protections of private property rights and the defense of traditional marriage. He supports passage of legislation that will allow state and local authorities to enforce the rule of law regarding illegal immigrants. And Senator Smith understands the need to create a new climate in Raleigh that restores integrity in government, and the trust of the people.

“My family raised cattle on a tract of land near Innes, here in Warren County,” Senator Smith said. “It was good to see some familiar faces.”

For further information about the Warren County GOP you can contact:
Mike Wilburt
(252) 586-2741


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