Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Justice Speaks

by Rebecca Hagelin - October 1, 2007 - Townhall.com

"I wept beyond tears, slipping into the barren, rhythmic heaves of a body seeking something more."

The poetic words of inconsolable grief were penned by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in his newly released memoir, My Grandfather's Son. In this moving passage, he describes his agony in the days following the death of the man that came to be "Daddy". The book is filled with magnificent prose in which one of the most powerful men in America repeatedly dares to bare his soul - dares to make himself vulnerable to the cold, hard world of cynics in which we live.

There are men that you have to admire. This man, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is one. His enemies are always on the wrong side of justice and usually lying in the process. Trying to claim this memoir was used "to settle scores" is just the latest lie they have attempted to pin on Clarence Thomas.

I remember when they tried to say that Thomas was Scalia's lacky, only to have trascripts of internal discussions prove that in most of the private meetings it was Thomas who was the solid conservative intellectual leading Scalia. What was served by his liberal enemies taking sides between two conservatives like this? It was proof of the actual racism that exists among liberals who cannot believe any black man could have the intellect Thomas displays. It is easier for liberals to believe that blacks must simply stay in their place in the liberal heirarchy or they are fair game for insults and lies.

The standard cliche statement about Justice Clarence Thomas is that he is controversial. Actually he is a solid and good man. The only thing controversial is the belief of his enemies that they have the right to lie about him without fear of retribution.


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