Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Clarence Thomas

by Thomas Sowell - October 10th, 2007 -

A whole phalanx of female witnesses who had worked with both Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill came out in support of him at his confirmation hearings.

One of those witnesses went out of her way to point out that the image that Anita Hill projected on television bore no resemblance to the behavior and attitudes of either Anita Hill or Clarence Thomas that she had seen with her own eyes.

On the other side, one witness backed up Anita Hill's story by saying that she had been told the same things by Anita Hill when they both lived in Washington.

But then the fact came out that this star witness had left Washington before Anita Hill went to work for Clarence Thomas, so there was no way that her corroboration could be true.

Here is another story about Democrats spreading lies. You can read the latest lies about Rush Limbaugh below in my earlier posting today.

Thomas Sowell is using the publication of Clarence Thomas's memoirs to remind people of the attrocious lies that have been spread for years, that are still being spread by Democrats and their minions in the press, about this great man.

As for the lies initiated by Anita Hill, there has been overwhelming evidence since the beginning that Hill lied. Only by willfully ignoring the evidence can anyone still believe her. Yet many Democrats do.

Like the story about Macbeth, Democrats spread any lie that supports their political agenda. Truth means nothing to Democrats. Even if they have to close their minds to believe.

If you want to get to know Clarence Thomas a little better, click here for a recent article by Thomas Sowell about him.


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