Friday, October 12, 2007

The Plan To Rein In Free Speech

Editorial - October 11, 2007 - Investor's Business Daily

A manufactured flap over Rush Limbaugh has stirred talk of new "fairness doctrine" hearings in Congress. That's just what Media Matters, the flacks behind it, were after. Their agenda is worse than it looks.

Media Matters, David Brock, George Soros, Henry Waxman, Mark Malloch Brown, Open Society Institute, Center for American Progress, Bill Moyers, Schumann Center for Media and Democracy; the role call of socialism advocates is growing daily. In addition their determination to control free speech is growing daily. Those of us here in the Inner Banks who do not work to spread the word are risking our futures and the future of liberty in America.

It is ironic that Ronald Reagan's victory against communism has been so short lived. Reagan proved that communism was a failed system and brought down the Soviet Union. What he did not do was convince many of the socialism advocates that their dream system was the reason the Soviet Union failed. To most advocates of socialism the failure of the Soviet Union means nothing. They see that as a failure of communism and reject the idea that the problem was the financial system of socialism that underpinned the failure.

It has long been said that man is a rationalizing animal, not a rational animal. The ongoing popularity of socialism is certainly proof.

Because of this, we are currently in a very complex situation.

World War III, the war against communism may not be over. The war against socialism and its tyranny goes on. It has returned as an internal war against the Democrat Party and their left wing extremist groups who continue to advocate socialism, the economic underpinning of communism. The global movement within the U.N. to advance socialism means these internal groups have major external elements supporting them too. Both these groups, internal and external, claim they are opposed to Islamofascism.

However World War IV, the war against Islamofascism, is related to this earlier war, as the Islamofascists accept socialism as their favored economic system as well. That means on one level they are partners despite the socialists and Islamofascists claim they are at war with each other too.

It is possible to argue that in some ways all recent wars are ultimately wars against socialism. It is important because socialism is still the greatest threat to freedom because of the flaws of democracy. Many people forget that the founders of our nation were well aware of the tendency of democracy to deteriorate into tyranny. We are on that road today and only by talking about it and fighting it do we have a chance to change directions.

The role call of socialists with which I started my comments are not concerned with the tyranny of socialism. They embrace it and promote the end of free speech. They want government bureaucrats to tell you what you can say, and to stop anyone who says anything they disagree with. They call it the "fairness doctrine". It is really merely government control of your thoughts and the end of liberty.

If we do not start to resist we face a dark future. So let's fight for freedom!


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