Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Islamo-facism And The Death Of Feminism

by Julie Bushey Trevor - November 6th, 2007 - Burlington Free Press

In my lifetime I have witnessed the bravery of countless women who have risen to the challenge of ending the oppression of women worldwide. It is puzzling to me why at this time in our history, when women in this country in particular have made tremendous gains in their own status, they have willingly stalled their work toward freedom for certain women; especially the violent oppression of the Women in Islam.


Islamo-fascists insist [o]n a fundamental Islamic ideology where men and women are not equal; women are considered physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and morally inferior to men. Public facilities therefore are separate (and often inferior) for women; a "gender apartheid" as many call it.

The support of the left in America for this violent anti-female and anti-Christian religion is bizarre. Their insistence that the position of the Islamo-fasicsts is our fault is indefensible. Christopher Hitchens is one of many on the left who are simply astounded at the willingness of liberals to excuse the violence against innocent women. I don't know if this predicts the "death of feminism" as proclaimed in this article, however the liberals who have failed to stand up for their principals owe our nation an explanation of their irrational behavior. What do they really believe?


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