Saturday, November 03, 2007

"Most Influential" American Conservatives
- According To The London Telegraph

POST FINAL Update 11/3/2007 - I am starting to accept they missed a few more leading and influential conservatives than I first thought. Others have pointed out they missed Dennis Miller, Ted Nugent, Michael Reagan and Phylis Schafly. I should have noticed they missed Michael Reagan!

FINAL Update 11/2/2007 - We know who the Telegraph thinks are the influential American Conservatives. The list is now complete. All 100 are now linked below in groups of 20.

They rate Rudy Giuliana # 1. Military supporters will be delighted and amazed at who they rate as # 2. The main stream media will be stunned and enraged at who they rate as # 3. You have to check this out. [Links below]

A laugher is Arnold Schwarzenegger # 8 on the Liberal List. Arnold is virulently anti-socialist, a supporter of the war and a clear fiscal conservative. He is unquestionably more liberal on social issues than most Republicans, but putting him on the liberal list is as stupid as putting Christoper Hitchens on the conservative list, which they also did for no reason but his supporting the war. Talk about inconsistency.

I can't think of but a few leading conservatives they left out; Thomas Sowell, Mark Steyn and John Boehner.

Updated 11/1/2007 - This is getting ever more interesting. George Bush is listed at # 20. Much higher than seems credible. Best quote about Bush by the Telegraph, "When he leaves office, his political influence looks likely to all but disappear." Now that is right.

In addition they list Christopher Hitchens as a conservative! Other than supporting the war on Islamo-fascism, Christopher supports nothing that conservatives support. I admire Hitchens but he is clearly on the wrong list. Ditto Joe Lieberman at # 47. This is getting funnier and funnier.

Updated 10/30/2007 - I said this would be interesting and it is surely is. Bobby Jindal, the newly elected Governor for Louisiana has been ranked as # 61 on their list. Do they really think this man that few outside of Louisiana have ever heard of is more influential than BILL O'REILLY? Plus they are listing David Brooks, the man who created the extreme left wing blog "Media Matters" as a conservative? ROTFL! Still worth reading though, if only for the laughs!

Originally posted on 10/29/2007 at 10:30 PM. -
The Telegraph is probably less liberal than any American newspaper, but they are still press and less conservative than the general populace. It is therefore probable that their take on who are the most powerful conservatives will be biased by the ones they dislike.

For a start, they have Bill O'Reilly in the bottom 20 out of 100. It is hard for me to believe there are 80 people who are more influential than the number one person in cable news. And Larry Craig? He was not influential before he was accused of soliciting gay sex in a bathroom, and he certainly has no influence now. His inclusion reinforces the belief that this list is being made by liberals who hate conservatives.

One comment by a critic of the list was encouraging for conservatives. He said, "If Clarence Thomas is # 85, the conservative movement is in great shape!" I agree.

The Telegraph has now published their entire list [as of 11/2/2007] Here are the links.







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