Monday, October 22, 2007

Tough Going For Antiwar Republicans

by Noam N. Levey - October 21, 2007 - Los Angeles Times

MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. — The Crystal Coast Republican Men's Club faithful were all smiles as they gathered at a restaurant to listen to their candidate for North Carolina's 3rd Congressional District.

But the warm reception wasn't for the Republican who since 1995 has represented this stretch of coast from the Virginia state line to the sprawling Marine base at Camp Lejeune. Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr., a soft-spoken, deeply religious man who two years ago turned against the Iraq war, was not there.

The GOP activists dining on fried fish were cheering Joe McLaughlin, a county commissioner and retired Army major who has launched a hard-charging bid to dispatch Jones in next year's primary by highlighting Jones' votes against the war.

To Walter Jones the people who are opposing him are all about "party" versus his antiwar love of "country". He is not being a defeatist. He is standing up for principal. And he will tell you what that principal is. George Bush lied to him. He opposes the war because he is convinced that the democrats are right. George Bush lied. Jones is a good person and if you oppose him you are evil. Doubt that? Just listen to him some time.

Walter Jones spouts his religion with every other breath. Note how he has even persuaded the Lost Angeles Times to point that out in their article. He never misses the opportunity to tell you how pious and good he is. Disagree with him and he will immediately start talking about his faith and how he is sure God is on his side. However the Bible decries such sanctimony.

Jones has become antiwar, whatever that means. No one is pro-war. That does not mean war is not necessary sometimes. Sometimes you are attacked. Jones doesn't believe this and has even said on occasion (though he is more careful now) that we started the war. From 1979 until 9/11 the Islamofascists attacked us, but in his mind Jones is convinced we started this war . . . . and we have to end it. You will not change his mind. If you try to discuss the issue with him, he will get mad and walk off accusing you of being unwilling to talk, as he did last year with me. Jones does not want to talk. He wants you to shut up and agree with what he says.

Now the Los Angeles Times is writing an article defending him. Check out the pompous quote from Jones on the left side of the article talking about how if you disagree it is only because you put "party" above "country". This is the essence of both Walter Jones and the liberal antiwar factions that want us to admit defeat and end the war. You are either antiwar or you are a partisan bigot.

How can you disagree with him? How dare you? Don't you know what that makes you?


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