Monday, October 29, 2007

Simon Says "Protect America"
- "Combating Global Terrorism"

Remember the kid's game we all played? Simon says "Protect America". Under the rules of the game that meant you could protect America. However Islam has changed the rules so paying attention to the words in the game is not enough. Today you have to deal with the fact that some of the players get to lie. They can forget to say "Simon says" and you still have to do what they say, or they get to kill you. I call these people with the new rules . . . Islamo-fascists. They are practicing a game of lies and deceit with the plan to either kill you or subject you to their sharia law system without you having a choice or knowing what they plan. George W. Bush calls them "terrorists", whatever that means. What they mean to do is destroy western freedom and culture. They openly say this (unless you call them on it) and then they deny they said what they said because they claim they get to lie. Currently the Islamo-fascists are winning this contest of cultures with the aid of one of America's two major political parties, the Democrats, along with some moderate Republicans who, like George W. Bush, cannot conceive that people would lie. This is gullible. This gullibility is going to kill you. Ending the gullibility is key to winning this war with the Islamo-fascists.

The John W. Pope Civitas Insitute in Raleigh held a seminar last night on "Combating Global Terrorism" for that purpose, ending gullibility. Other than their use of the questionable term "global terrorism" in the title, it was an excellent event with two of the leading experts on Islamo-fascism there to help understand the problems we face. Steve Emerson is a national treasure for his long time efforts (more than a decade before 9/11) to make us aware of the dangers these people pose to our way of life, especially with his award winning film, "Jihad in America". Here in North Carolina, U.S. Representative Sue Myrick is the leader in promoting awareness of the dangers Islamo-fascists present and fighting for legislation that will help to stop them, such as the
"Protect America Act". Civitas could not have picked anyone better qualified than these two to help us understand what we face.

Like many Civitas events, the evening started with a social hour that allowed for people to meet Sue and Steve face to face and get to know them. A number of state leaders and our citizens took advantage of this opportunity.

Civitas chose an outstanding moderator for the event, Marc Rotterman. Marc is one of the few intellectual leaders on the right to have correctly pointed out the flaws in the implementation strategy of the movement called neo-conservatives. They were essentially trying to solve some domestic problems that should have been dealt with at the local and state level through "big government conservatism", an oxymoron if there ever was one. It was a pleasure to meet all three, Steve Emerson, Sue Myrick and Marc Rotterman (shown above).

As the social hour wound down, the crowd gathered in the seminar room for the big event. As you would expect from people drawn to an event with this theme the attendees were already knowledgeable and worried about the threat that Islamo-fascism presents (discovered as I went around the room listening to conversations). I learned a lot before the event started. The event was still important. Winning this battle requires that people be better prepared to explain exactly what is happening in our nation. This is especially important because of the duplicitous and deceptive nature of the enemy.

When the formal event started, Jeff Mixon, Legislative Analyst for Civitas, acted as Master of Ceremonies and introduced the format. He talked about the schedule of activities for after the moderated discussion, and also explained future events of the Civitas Institute, including their popular "poll" luncheons.

He was followed by Civitas Vice President Francis De Luca who introduced the panel of experts for this night and its moderator, Marc Rotterman. Sue Myrick, Marc Rotterman and Steve Emerson (shown below) were our guides in understanding how to wake up America from its gullible acceptance of this insidious threat. Before Marc Rotterman asked his questions, both Sue and Steve made opening statements. Both covered a great deal of material and provided some great stories. As usual Civitas gave us a really great evening with more information than we could have hoped for. The questions were great and at the end, audience questions were allowed as well. Everyone came away impressed and much better informed.

I came away with three key points I feel are important:

1. The carrot as well as the stick. The Islamo-fascist movement has an element that is not trying just to beat us militarily but subvert us as well. The trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development members and leaders provided overwhelming proof that the Islamo-fascist movement is insinuating itself into our society while hiding its goals. They are using a fifth column effort of pretension they are just "civil rights" and "social welfare" organizations, selling their movement to the public with seemingly high minded goals. Like the communist movement, they use duplicity to sell their message. Their's can be more powerful since it is also openly religious while still a campaign of infiltration and misdirection. It relies on fear of the radical element to keep "fellow travelers", moderate Muslims, in line and unwilling to expose the true goals or turn in those who perpetrate the violence against us. Steven Emerson's organization, the Investigative Project has much more information about this effort on their web site:

2. Duplicity is constant. We must understand more about the networks of liars, both the subversive and the violence components, and how they are related. Key to winning this war will be to understand the ties between both elements. The subversive portion of this movement is using the communist tactic of infiltrating our education establishment. This uses both the madrassas funded by the Saudis, as well as tactics insisting that exposing public school children to Muslim faith is cultural, not religious. It is thus not subject to the separation of church and state efforts normally practiced by liberals. In addition, the subversive movement is insinuating itself into our religious community by joining groups promoting inter-faith harmony and using them to promote the premise that Islam is a religion of peace. Mosques are funded by the Saudis to widen religious exposure and Saudi funding assures that Imams in each Mosque are supportive of the radical Muslim efforts of the Islamo-fascists. There is an organization dedicated to documenting the ties between the violence and subversive elements so that people can more easily understand the true motivations of the players and the powerful links that exist. They document what they have discovered (so you don't have to) on the web site:

3. Wake up America. We must educate more people about the duplicitous nature of our enemy, especially about the brainwashing that happens on college campuses. Understanding the links between these elements and all of the subversive efforts that are being funded to perpetuate the violence and perpetuate the infiltration cannot and should not remain the knowledge of a few experts like Steve and Sue. Because we are a representative democracy, the average American must be aware of their tactics. We need to spread the understanding of the nature of this movement and interfere with their efforts to spread their propaganda. With a great deal of their focus on college campuses, one group that is helping is Campus Watch. You can learn much more about their efforts on the web site:

Many in our government do not understand the war or the nature of our enemy. Sue told a story of how during World War II a wide range of tactics and information projects were organized to motivate people to fight the Nazi efforts. A group she was a part of went to George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and their key aids in National Security to try and sell a similar plan for this war against the Islamo-fascists, modeled on that earlier war. The response from all was an incredible, "We don't want to scare the American people." We are at war and our President is afraid the American people will notice. How bizarre.

What we don't want to happen is wake up one day to discover our nation has been taken over by a culture that despises our freedom and has the power to say, "Simon says go to the mosque or we will cut off your head!" They don't see this as a game and it isn't. We have to spread the word about how serious they are. Because of flaws in our system of government (flaws like the selection of juries allowing gullible members of our society on them) miscarriages like the hung jury in trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development members are setbacks that harm the defense of our society from this insidious threat and lull some into a false sense of security.

This is going to be a long war and the amount of information known by the American public is key to who wins. Don't be gullible. Spread the word, Protect America.


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