Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Protecting The Human Dignity Of The
Girl Child Worldwide

by Ken Blackwell - November 1st, 2007 - Townhall.com

One of the most prominent forms of discrimination against girls exists even before they exit their mother’s womb. That is the issue of sex-selection abortion. The notion of sex-selection abortion challenges the liberal concept of abortion as an innate human right. Sex-selection abortion is practiced in countries where cultural norms dictate that a man is more prized than a woman.

This past summer saw the horrific discovery of the remains of dead baby girls in the Indian town of Orissa. These babies had been bagged and tossed in a well behind what was discovered to be an abortion clinic.

The liberals in American are so proud of their support for gender equality. However they are provably indifferent to gender equality based on two intertwined issues. Their new fondness for the religion of Islam with its hatred for anything western, including free enterprise, is the first issue. Sharia law makes women second class citizens, even slaves to the males in society. The second issue, support for abortion, is so absolute that even in the face of repeated proof that it is being used to select male children over female children in Muslim societies (and many others as well) they will not waiver. Why?


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