Sunday, December 23, 2007

Questions And Doubts In A Texas Shooting Case

by Ralph Blumenthal - December 23rd, 2007 - New York Times

PASADENA, Tex. — Even before the police called the night of Nov. 14, Stephanie Storey said, she knew that her fiancé of two days, Miguel Antonio DeJesus, was dead.

She knew it, Ms. Storey said, because she had not been able to reach him all day, and because she was watching the news at 9 o’clock when she saw his body.

It was lying on a front lawn decorated for Christmas in a middle-class subdivision in this Houston suburb ringed by refineries, not far from the body of his sometime construction partner and childhood friend from Cali, Colombia, Diego Ortiz.

Both men, illegal immigrants, one with a prison record, had been riddled with shotgun pellets fired by a retired computer manager, Joe Horn, who called 911 that Wednesday about 2 p.m. to say he was watching them break into the house next door. “I’m not going to let them get away with it,” he told the emergency operator. “I’m going to shoot.”

Oh Boo Hoo! Two criminals are defended by the New York Times. One criminal was sentenced to 25 years and then let out after only 5 years. He was ordered deported but 8 years later he is still here. If he had left our nation he would not have been in a situation to rob Horn's next door neighbors and get himself shot dead. You also have to note, the two criminals came onto Horn's property too, while still in the act of committing a crime. At what point does their conduct reach a level that the New York Times (and fellow liberal-democrat sympathizers with these criminals) concede they no longer have rights. After they kill somebody?

The only question I see is what award should we give to Horn for taking action when our government is so clearly unwilling to protect us?


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