Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lt. Col. Allen West
. . . relieved of duty, runs for Congress

by Gina Cavallaro - Jan 5th, 2008 - Navy Times

Retired Lt. Col. Allen West thinks the good people of Florida respect a leader who takes bold action to get results. He’s confident they’ll vote for him in November because of — and in spite of — an incident in which he took the law into his own hands in Iraq to protect his troops.

“It’s about individual accountability and responsibility, and that’s what people want,” said West, 46, who is running on the Republican ticket . . . .


Still, West made it clear he is ready to take some hits on the political trail for what he did.

“I am comfortable enough in who I am not to be worried about name-calling,” he said. “when all things are said and done, if a person is getting mugged in an alleyway, they wouldn’t mind if I walked by . . . "

I certainly would not. God bless men like Lt. Col. Allen West. I wish I could vote for him.


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