Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bloggers Are Depressed

This is a blog entry on Human Events by Ralph of Annapolis, Maryland. His posting is well written and sums up the consensus of many conservatives about the current disastrous Republican Primary.

I believe that unless there is limited, constitutional government there can be no legitimate government. What part of limited, constitutional government does McCain, in his monstrous arrogance, embrace?

I have always framed the immigration debate in terms of limited, constitutional government. There cannot be limited, constitutional government if our rulers can transfer our hard-earned wealth to anyone who enters our country illegally. There cannot be limited, constitutional government if our rulers can debase our sovereignty by enfranchising millions of aliens in our country illegally.

The 1986 amnesty, which was sold to us as the last amnesty, turned California from Reagan country to the land of Pelosi. Our rulers will swamp out the last pockets of Reagan Country if we permit them [to] enfranchise the millions of illegal aliens that have flooded this once Free land since the 1986 debacle. This election is our last chance to stop our rulers from this treason.

We cannot win with McCain. Yet we will have lost if McCain wins. Our last best hope of remaining a Free people is to stop McCain from carrying the mantel of the party that left Reagan into the general election, whatever the price. And then pray God we can soldier on and stop the American hating Left that is the party of

There is limited, constitutional government or there is no legitimate government.

The Reagan coalition has been lost in the Bushes and there will be hell to pay.

I will not vote for McCain.

Bush is the shipwreck of our hopes.

Hillary is the graveyard of our Freedoms.

I weep for my beloved country.

What city do you think good Muslims will nuke first?

Very good question. America does not think this is a serious probability. When it happens a great number of democrats . . . and moderate Republicans too it appears . . . will act surprised. The only surprise will be how they ignored what was such an obvious certainty. Ralph has not been consistent though. John McCain certainly is as strong as anyone on the issue of the war against radical Islam.

It is hard not to be depressed for our nation if our party remains this fragmented.


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