Saturday, May 24, 2008

Science stretched to its extreme limits

by Loretta Schertz Keller - May 23rd, 2008 - Pasadena Star News

With global warming, the Iraq war, terrorist acts here, there, everywhere and 7.8 magnitude earthquakes to boot, the world isn't such a happy place right now. Or maybe it's making the next mortgage payment or sending the kids to college that's keeping precious sleep at bay.

But cheer up! If the largest machine in the world becomes operative this summer as planned, sleep itself may become a thing of the past because all life on planet Earth - animal, mineral and vegetable - might end for all eternity.

Some call this machine the Doomsday Machine, but scientists the world over - about 7,000 of them, mainly physicists - are excited as can be. No more, they hope, will they have to wonder about there being other dimensions in space, or about what the cosmos was like within a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang, or whether the Standard Model of modern physics is right or wrong and who knows what else. Their excitement is entirely understandable. They hope to recreate the conditions under which the universe began. It would excite anyone.

I would love to understand more about this Large Hadron Collider and the science behind it. However this article explains nothing. It is as usual in the MSM, a chicken little article that merely says there are some people in a panic about it. Whether their fear is rational is not addressed. The article simply sums it up as, "It's time to prevent science from fiddling while the world could burn."

With this logic, nothing should ever be attempted. After all, there is always some lunatic who is convinced that everything "might" be a disaster.


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