Tuesday, June 03, 2008

'This Is A Dangerous Time In America . . . You Have To Whisper Your Thoughts'

by Cathleen Falsani - June 3rd, 2008 - Chicago Sun-Times

All that is well and good, but how, as a friend and passionate supporter of Obama's campaign for president, could [Pfleger] do what he did, with cameras rolling?

Pfleger's short answer? He didn't think the service and his "conversation" -- a more casual address than a classic sermon, he explained -- were being broadcast live online, as Trinity often does.

"They told me it was down," Pfleger said. "Their live streaming had been down all day, and they didn't know whether it was back up. . . . I regret the dramatization that I was naive enough to believe was just going to be kept among that church."

Make sure you understand. Pfleger is not sorry that he thinks America is a racist country which is raping black people. He is not sorry he hates and despises whites for this perceived evil. He is not appreciative of the many hundred thousands of white people who fought and died to end the evil of slavery in America during the civil war. He is not appreciative of the trillions of dollars spent on welfare in America, a hugely disproportionate percentage of which when to poor blacks.

Pflegler is sorry that all of you white people found out just how duplicitous he and his black church have been, hating you with such venom and passion . . . when they wanted you to stupidly think they were not a band of racist bigots who privately seethe with rage at YOU.

I repeat the following things to remind people of how bizarre the attitude abut the rich versus poor has become in America. Using the government definition of "poor", allowing people to get government support, these are some of the attributes of the "poor" in America. 50% own their homes. This is poor? 75% own their cars. This is poor? 95% have air conditioning, color TVs and microwaves. This is poor? A larger percentage of the "poor" children in America own $100 Nike shoes than do the "middle class". These numbers are just as true for "poor" blacks as for "poor" whites. If America is racist, why would she give trillions to the poor blacks to help them get ahead?

The Trinity Church at which Pfleger spoke has received $15 million in government assistance. No wonder Reverend Wright is living in glorious retirement in a home worth millions. It was paid for by you.

How does that make you feel when Wright and Pfleger revile YOU for being racist?

What I really find contemptible about Pfleger, and others like him, is the attitude displayed in the title to this article. He feels that his rights have been infringed. He does not think our free speech means government cannot keep him from talking. He thinks that free speech means the rest of us are not meant to know what a duplicitous bigot he is. Because the only reason he has to whisper his thoughts is because they are so patently offensive. That attitude also means his apology is not sincere. You can bet he . . . and the members of his church . . . will be back with their hands out.


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