Friday, July 18, 2008

Myth of Consensus Explodes:
APS Opens Global Warming Debate

by Michael Asher - July 18th, 2008 - Daily Tech

In an email to DailyTech, Monckton says, "I was dismayed to discover that the IPCC's 2001 and 2007 reports did not devote chapters to the central 'climate sensitivity' question, and did not explain in proper, systematic detail the methods by which they evaluated it. When I began to investigate, it seemed that the IPCC was deliberately concealing and obscuring its method."

According to Monckton, there is substantial support for his results, "in the peer-reviewed literature, most articles on climate sensitivity conclude, as I have done, that climate sensitivity must be harmlessly low."

Monckton, who was the science advisor to Britain's Thatcher administration, says natural variability is the cause of most of the Earth's recent warming. "In the past 70 years the Sun was more active than at almost any other time in the past 11,400 years ... Mars, Jupiter, Neptune’s largest moon, and Pluto warmed at the same time as Earth."

As I have noted in most of my postings for a couple of years, the AGW crowd is not just getting one thing wrong. They are wrong about CO2 being a pollutant and causing Anthropogenic Global Warming (i.e. man is causing global warming). They are also wrong about where petroleum comes from. They still insist on calling it "fossil fuels" even though all science is persuasive that petroleum never came from fossils. It is a natural byproduct of the constantly moving earth's crust. Iron oxides and calcium carbonates, two abundant components of earth's crust, under pressure and heat deep in the crust, combine to make petrolem and other carbon based fuels. They are still doing so to this day. That makes petroleum a renewable fuel.

It is hard for me to believe that anyone who cares about science can be this wrong about two different issues of relevance to the AGW debate, especially when they are the two most important issues in the debate. Being wrong on both makes it clear, they are not likely wrong so much as being intentonally deceitful. Al Gore is a liar.


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