Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obama Camp Pins Scrubbed Troop Visit on Pentagon

by Sunlen Miller and Luis Martinez - July 25th, 2008 - ABC News

In the air flying from Berlin to Paris, Obama senior advisor Robert Gibbs spent 45 minutes speaking to the press over the course of three media availabilities in an attempt to clarify what appeared to be dueling reasons for cancelling the trip.

German magazine Der Spiegel published an article Thursday saying Obama's planned trip to visit troops stations in Germany, including injured troops from Iraq, had been cancelled.

Note the title of the article. It is of course the usual liberal spin that Obama is right and the Pentagon is wrong. What is really true is that Obama does not see the military as something that represents his America. As john Edwards frequently claims, there are two Americas, and Obama (along with Democrats like Edwards) is never in line with patriotic America. Democrats don't even feel comfortable visiting.

This failure to visit the hospital is an insult to our troops. The waffling excuses Obama is making to explain away his failure just add more insult to the original injury.

The freedom we all enjoy is complements of those who fight for our freedom. Barack Obama has never considered being one of those. He has little understanding of the entire idea of freedom and the role of our troops in assuring that freedom.

Obama believes that people in America who are poor are poor because someone else did it to them. In reality, anyone in America who is poor is poor because of their own actions, or inactions.

Two Americas. The America of Barack Obama and the America of John McCain. I'll take McCain's.


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