Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Barney Frank To Run General Motors

Does that headline give you comfort? That is the reality of what the Democrats are trying to do.

The article Democrat tied auto aid to conditions by Alexander Bolton in the magazine "The Hill" explains the democrat plan. "Frank said Sunday that automakers will be required to submit to Congress their plans for future economic viability and environmental efficiency." Yes. That's right. Barney Frank is going to decide whether the automakers have the right plan for economic viability.

I assume he will make this decision drawing on his vast experience in secretly sleeping with a male executive in a bank that he is regulating as a public official, allowing that bank to fail with billions in losses which the taxpayer is now covering. That act of blatant corruption is about as close to actual corporate management as Barney has ever gotten. Before we pass this bill he proposes isn't it a fair question to ask if Barney is sleeping with any GM executives?



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