Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Husband Was A Blackwater Hero

by Marybeth Laguna - November 30th, 2008 - Washington Post

Our all-volunteer military is overwhelmed and doesn't have enough soldiers with the experience it takes to guard the kinds of high-profile and highly targeted Americans who must travel around Iraq. That's why veterans working for contractors such as Blackwater, DynCorp, Triple Canopy and others are stepping up to serve their country again.

My husband and his fellow contractors answered a call. Art didn't do it for the money. He wanted to contribute in any way possible so that his kids and grandkids could continue to enjoy the American dream. He wanted to test himself and give back to his country using the training he'd received throughout his life.

Just like soldiers, security contractors based in Iraq face daily threats to their lives. Rather than demonizing these men and women, we should be thanking them for the essential service they provide. Whether they are working for Blackwater or directly for the
U.S. military, they are all risking their lives to work for the United States. And they deserve our respect.

They do deserve our respect. And they get it from most Americans who love our nation. It is Democrats and liberals and pacifists who have invented this ridiculous premise that we are an evil nation who tortures others for profit. They are the ones who demonize Blackwater.

These America haters also smear both our active military and contractors like Blackwater as "mercenaries", solely because they work primarily for the defense of our nation. With 70% of our nation's youth so brainwashed that they voted to end freedom and liberty and install socialism with the election of the Magic Marxist Messiah, it is clear how close our nation is coming to the next civil war. It will be both a religious war, Christian against Atheist/Muslim and a war about economics, socialist against free market.

It will happen because there are two Americas, just not the two America's that John Edwards claims.
The two Americas are the patriots, who love America and the gutless, who are ashamed of America. Which are you?


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