Thursday, November 27, 2008

Will 'Wal-Mart Effect' Be Diluted ...

... By Capital's New Strain Of Politics?

Editorial - November 26th, 2008 - Investor's Business Daily

Early in the presidential campaign [Barack] Obama was vying with John Edwards for the title of Wal-Mart basher, but as the campaign evolved during the financial crisis, that sort of talk evaporated.

But there is much that could be done in Washington to undermine the progressive success story that is Wal-Mart — from rising tariffs and other protectionist measures that would increase the cost of imported goods, to passage of the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act, which could set off a series of labor-management battles and prompt Wal-Mart and its competitors to rethink some of their expansion plans in the face of potentially higher employee costs.

That would be the wrong kind of Wal-Mart Effect.

Barack Obama is a Marxist. The incredible stupidity of some of his proposals is based on the inability of Marxists in general to understand why their policies always destroy the economy of the nations where they get political power. Bureaucrats, especially Marxists, are arrogant and self righteous in their belief that the people are stupid. This means they never listen when others tell them they are wrong.

A perfect example is the issue of cheap energy. Wind power and solar power are devastatingly stupid. They will bankrupt any nation that seriously tries to rely on them, since they are intermittent and outrageously expensive. No nation can subsidize these forms of energy into being sufficiently cost effective. In addition, carbon gases are NOT causing global warming. The evidence is becoming obvious to all but the most stubborn chicken little proponents of this stupidity.

Carbon trading, Obama's great love, has already been used in Europe to create a stupid bureacracy that proclaims success, when in fact they have not reduced use of CO2 at all. They have actually simply created a huge new tax on business and a huge new pool of power hungry bureaucrats who burden society with useless regulation for a goal that even if they accomplished it would be useless. Can anything be more ignorant?

These same Government bureaucrats and their labor union supporters hate Wal-Mart with a frenzy. This is an important article about an important lesson in free enterprise that Barack Obama has already flunked.


At 3:07 PM, Blogger cybercitizen said...

Denmark is now obtaining about 31% of its energy from renewable resources, particularly wind.


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