Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mukasey Sees No Necessity
For Pardons in Terror War

by Eric Lichtblau - December 3, 2008 - New York Times

Mr. Mukasey told reporters that there was “absolutely no evidence” that anyone involved in developing the policies “did so for any reason other than to protect the security in the country and in the belief that he or she was doing something lawful.”

The comments appeared aimed at tamping down speculation that Mr. Bush, before leaving the White House next month, might issue pre-emptive pardons to protect counterterrorism officials from legal jeopardy in the face of possible criminal investigations by the new Democratic administration.

What a blithering idiot. The problem in America is the huge number of conservatives like Mukasey who still don't get it. WE ARE AT WAR. And the most evil enemy is the global socialists who are our own citizens who see America as the enemy. They want to destroy America. That means they wish to criminalize anything that defends America and decriminalize anything or anyone who hates America.

They are the many Democrats who demand that we make the war by Islamo-fascists against us a police action, not a war. Their constant refrain is a demand that we respect the humanitarian rights of those who hate us. They know that this is an incompetent way to defend America against this enemy. The result is that they are as much the enemy of our form of freedom and liberty as the Islamo-fascists themselves.

Their summation is a simple, "If we lose, we lose." They don't care how many are beheaded or bombed. They are much more comfortable with the religious dictated socialism of the Islam jihadists than they ever will be with our form of freedom.

That means that they will go after anyone they can destroy who is a patriot and who defends our form of government. They want to change our nation to socialist so they see American defenders as their real enemy. They will go after anyone who has worked to fight the Islamo-fascists as a war, rather than as a police action. Like George W. Bush, Mukasey is perfectly happy with creating another 1,000 Scooter Libbys, allowing Democrats to destroy decent Americans who have done nothing wrong, if that means he can keep his delusion that Democrats are not our greatest enemy at this point in history.

Unless and until Republicans see this war against Democrats as the most important war, and stop surrendering before the battle even starts, freedom and liberty are doomed.


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