Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Holder Winks At Voter Intimidation

by Hans A. Von Spakovsky - June 9th, 2009 - Wall Street Journal

Under the Voting Rights Act, the Department of Justice is charged with protecting voters, no matter what their racial or ethnic background. Under the Help America Vote Act and the National Voter Registration Act, the department is also charged with securing the integrity of the voter registration process. In just the first five months of this administration Justice seems to be moving as fast as it can to defeat that charge.

Democrats have a comprehensive plan to subvert Democracy in America. Through voter intimidation, fraudulent registration and subversion of free speech, Democrats are actively implementing the Saul Alinsky plan to take over America by abuse of the democratic process. It is one more reason for my active campaign to demand that anyone who pretends to be a leader in the Republican Party MUST read Rules for Radicals. How can you defeat an opponent when you are clueless as to their motivations and tactics?


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