Saturday, June 13, 2009

Naturalism Has Been Hijacked

Man is not a cancer on the planet.

by George Ball - June 13th, 2009 - Wall Street Journal

According to scientist and futurist Raymond Kurzweil, the coming technological-evolutionary quantum leap, known as the Singularity, will erase the line between human beings and technology. He maintains that technology's exponential progress will result in part-human, part-machine beings with infinitely greater brain power and life-spans approaching immortality.

Mr. Kurzweil envisions the time, if a body part fails, one need only grab its replacement from the pantry and snap it in place. Already, lawyers are busy devising the constitutional framework for a post-human future, in view of the shifting nature of what comprises a human being. The classic paradox comes to mind: Once the knife's blade and handle are each replaced several times, is it still the same knife? Once all your parts have been replaced a few times, are you still you?

This is an intriguing article. As the article notes, there are many environmental groups that are truly irrational. Though he did not name them specifically, he did describe some of the views of extremists such as the people from PETA, whose founder has as her goal the eradication of humans from the planet. In the meantime she wants to wipe out free enterprise and replace it with an ant like socialism as our form of government.

Whenever I talk with someone who defends socialism, I think of Ingrid Newkirk, the founder of PETA, and her insane ideas. Yet America voted to adopt socialism in the last election. Will they vote to eradicate mankind in some coming election?

What I have long thought was our best chance to promote freedom and free enterprise was the Republican Party. Yet the majority of that party bought in to the 'compassionate communism' of Karl Rove and George Bush. Now, the social conservatives are insisting that the party has to expel anyone who does not subscribe to their so-called 'Christian' belief that life begins at conception. Their form of 'Christian Charity' is to hurl insults and vitriolic denunciations at you. You can accept 100% of the fiscal conservative philosophy and 90% of the social conservative philosophy and you are still what they love to call a RINO. Republican in name only. And they spew greater hate at a RINO than they feel justified in using against Marxists who want to shut down Christianity entirely.

America has gone insane, as indicated by the beliefs of the enviro-extremists of the Democrat party. The Republican Party has gone insane as indicated by the beliefs of the pro-life-extremists.

George Ball has written an excellent article pointing out the insanity of the left that is losing them support. It merely reminded me of the insanity on the right that is as easily denounced. Where do you go to find sanity when the majority of both the left and right has gone insane? My view is that many are rejecting both the left and right and becoming independents for that reason. They are certainly registering as independents. Both Democrats and Republicans are losing registration in huge numbers.


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