Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Criminalizing Everyone

by Brian W. Walsh - October 5th, 2009 - Washington Times

Kathy and George Norris lived under the specter of a covert government investigation for almost six months before the government unsealed a secret indictment and revealed why the Fish and Wildlife Service had treated their family home as if it were a training base for suspected terrorists. Orchids.

That's right. Orchids.


Mr. Norris ended up spending almost two years in prison because he didn't have the proper paperwork for some of the many orchids he imported. The orchids were all legal - but Mr. Norris and the overseas shippers who had packaged the flowers had failed to properly navigate the many, often irrational, paperwork requirements the U.S. imposed when it implemented an arcane international treaty's new restrictions on trade in flowers and other flora.

People whose lives are being destroyed by the arrogant thugs of America's federal government have less freedom and experience more tyranny than in some of the worst societies in history. Our founders understood that national government was evil. Unfortunately, the lust for totalitarian power has brought us to the point that our government thugs are MORE EVIL than anyone could have imagined.


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