Wednesday, October 07, 2009

How Obama Has
Failed Black Americans

by Bruce Walker - October 6th, 2009 - American Thinker

President Obama has done nothing worth mentioning in his life. His whole "career" (if that is what we might call it) has been resentment politics. He taught "law," but his law was the imaginary law of social justice. He was a community organizer, which means nothing in particular at all. He wrote a good book which actually Bill Ayers wrote for him. He entered the Illinois State Senate and acquired an impressive record of voting "present." Did United States Senator Obama do anything except mouth the tired, failed theories of a cranky, dead German political economist? No.

He spent decades attending a church mired in vicious pseudo-Christian black racism. He learned about politics from champions of terrorism and revolution - dreary, uninspired bitterness cooked into political theory. He offers black Americans, really, nothing good to cherish. He offers nothing noble for black Americans to emulate. Barack Obama has failed black America.

This condemnation of Obama is arguably true. Certainly Obama has failed our nation. No one can pretend to lead a nation when his primary technique is to go around expressing shame for the nation which he is supposed to lead. Did he not realize that America had many allies in the world? It appears Obama thought everyone in the world hated us as much as he hates us.

The arguments presented in this article need to be read by everyone, espcially blacks who recognize how much better their lives are than they would be if they lived anywhere else in the world. What is sad is how few blacks actually believe that. 96% still support Obama. That support is as racist as any KKK ever expressed. Leading 13% of our population to hate the 70% that is white is not going to unite our country, nor will it serve the interests of the 13% in the long run.


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