Monday, October 26, 2009

Obama's Real Enemies List

by - October 26th, 2009 - American Spectator

Much has been made by the political left of Richard Nixon's infamous enemies list. The reality is most of those named were people who did not receive presidential Christmas cards or White House reception invitations.

In contrast, Barack Obama has a real enemies list the peace prize-winner and his proxies have attacked during the past year, including the minority of news outlets that do not worship the media's latest false idol.

The willingness to make war against anyone in America who does not slavishly follow his lead is indicative of a man who was never fit to be elected President. This list of his violations of the rights of others, and his attempts to use the power of the Presidency to destroy others, is breath taking.

People forget that even before he was President, he implored liberal staff in the Justice department to intimidate opponents with threats of legal actions. Liberal state attorney generals actually initiated action against media that they claimed mis-stated Obama's positions. This was a first in America, but Obama has gone far beyond that now.

Barack Obama became the first Presidential candidate to boot national newspapers who endorsed his opponent from his campaign and replaced them with black magazines Jet and Ebony that were wholehearted supporters.

He has attacked Rush Limbaugh, stopped prosecution of the Black Panthers for voter intimidation, attacked a private citizen not involved in politics for expressing opinions he disapproved of, used the power of the Presidency to corrupt a bankruptcy filing, illegally fired an Inspector General, accused returning soldiers of being threats to national security, collected an enemies list of average citizens to intimidate, threatened numerous corporations for not doing his bidding and launched boycotts to intimidate media that failed to obey him.

It is important that this long list of outrageous firsts be kept constantly in our memory. Obama practices so many outlandish intimidations that it is easy to forget all but the most recent. We must not. We must keep adding to the list and repeat it almost like a mantra so that we never forget the damage that must be undone to our fellow citizens.


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