Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Matt Drudge For Treasury

Editorial - October 21st, 2009 - New York Sun

Newsman Matt Drudge is being blamed for the collapse of the dollar, we see on the website The Washington based news site has issued a story reporting that Mr. Drudge has developed what Politico calls “a fascination” with the declining dollar. It quotes some sources as doubting that Mr. Drudge moves the market per se. But it quotes others who think he does and that it's political. It quotes the director of the Pew Research Center, Tom Rosenstiel, as saying in respect of the greenback that Mr. Drudge is “fixated on it” and adding that there’s “no question that Drudge can alter what people are paying attention to.” By Politico’s count, Mr. Drudge has posted a link to the dollar story 18 times in the first 20 days of October.

By our lights, this is proof that Mr. Drudge has 18 times better news sense than those who have been ignoring or underplaying one of the great stories of a generation — the destruction of the value of a currency that had been the envy of every country in the world and the principle reserve currency for the most responsible of them. Maybe they ought to make him treasury secretary.

The destruction of the dollar is a policy of the Obama regime. Why is not clear. The consequences of this policy are almost certainly the destruction of any chance for economic recovery, and thus the destruction of any chance for Barack Obama to be re-elected. Unless he plans, as some have suggested, on declaring a national emergency and stopping the 2012 Presidential elections.

I guess we will see what happens. Personally I think that unless we take back congress in 2010, it will not matter whether we have elections in 2012. The nation will be unalterably socialist and permanently tyrannical.


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