Friday, October 16, 2009

The Peacenik Gets A Lesson

by - October 16th, 2009 - Washington Times

It's never easy to be a friend of America, and Mr. Obama is making it impossible to be one.

He got a humiliating reminder of reality this week when the Russians, to whom he had paid such humble obeisance, gave him a hard slap across the face, just to remind him who he is and who is meant to be in charge of the world.

Running around the world apologizing for America's efforts to fight against the tyrannies that are so prevalent, has not impressed these real-politik powers. It has merely convinced the tyrants of the world that Obama is someone they can push around.

I wonder if Hilary Clinton likes being treated as a nobody because her boss is such an amateur?

It leaves us in a truly precarious position. America is actively fighting 3 wars, against global socialists, islamic fascists and la razan supremicists. Unfortunately our current President is actively sympathetic to all of these foreign enemies. Who stands for America when our President wants to be the neutral negotiator between America and the world? We elected him to lead us and represent us. He thinks he is the world leader who will guide the negotiations of our surrender.


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