Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Self-Censorship
Of Liberals:
It's Too Scary To Look

by James Lewis - October 13th, 2009 - American Thinker

When the BBC finally ‘fessed up last week to the Global Warming Fraud -- without admitting how much they aided and abetted the scam over ten years or more -- a liberal gent I know was shocked. He had sort of gritted his teeth and tolerated my skepticism over the years, but he never wanted to judge the whole fraudulent business for himself, although he had plenty of qualifications to do so. But this fraud was obvious. You had to want to close your eyes not to see it. I say that with all appreciation to the scientists and bloggers like Anthony Watt, who doggedly did the hard work of double-checking the fraud.

The most interesting question is not whether liberals will allow themselves to be deluded again. Most of them still seek "excuses" for the image of Al Gore and Barack Obama collapsing. The ones who, like the liberal in the article, finally accept they have been sold a bill of goods, are still pretty rare. The interesting question is how long it will take them to find another "Messiah" to lead them with another utopian vision they can accept without question?


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