Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Okay, Prove You Didn't Say It!

by Mark Steyn - October 13th, 2009 - National Review Online

...when I began guest-hosting for Rush, I was amazed to discover that George Soros pays a team of stenographers... to work their tippy-tappy fingers to the bone for three hours transcribing everything Rush or his fill-ins say in the hope that their efforts will one day be rewarded and he will deliver the big career-detonating soundbite. Among the afficionados of this service are, as I discovered recently, America's "newspaper of record," which faithfully follows the George Soros typing pool and dutifully plasters any potentially damaging bon mot on page one.

The lies being spread about Rush Limabaugh, accusing him of racism, are typical Saul Alinsky attacks. Smearing your enemy, preferably with lies, is the main technique of the radicals on the left. There are no more radical elements in politics than the Obama acolytes of the Democrat Party. The best thing about them is that we should shortly reach a point where the charge of racist is meaningless. Once again, the charge in this case is false. How many times can you yell "fire" in a theater before people start to notice there is no smoke?


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