Tuesday, October 13, 2009

President Obama's
Favorite Words:
'Let Me Be Clear'

by Ben Feller - October 13th, 2009 - ABC News

For all his flourish, President Barack Obama sure falls back on a few familiar phrases.

"Make no mistake." "Change isn't easy." "It won't happen overnight." "There will be setbacks and false starts."

Those who routinely listen to the president have come to expect some of those expressions to pop up in almost every speech. (That includes you, cynics and naysayers, the ones Obama mentions all the time without identifying who is saying nay.)

Yet in the portfolio of presidential phrases, none is more pervasive than Obama's four-word favorite: "Let me be clear."

It is his emphatic windup for, well,

Including his many lies. What the author failed to note is the well known propensity by liars to use such expressions to hide their lies. Intelligent listeners use these phrases to easily pick out the lies. In almost every example in the article, the meaning is just the opposite of what Obama says. He insists he does not want to take over GM and then does just that. He insists that his health insurance will not make you change your doctor and then supports a system that does just that.

"Let me be clear" is almost always a red flag for, "What I say next is the opposite of what I really mean." Yet gullible liberals can't seem to see the lies.


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