Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Ogling Obama Award

by L. Brent Bozell III - October 18th, 2009 - Pittsburgh Tribune Live

Just like everyone else on the morning of Oct. 9, the major media's first reaction to Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize was shock and disbelief.

NBC's Matt Lauer spoke for the pack when he said he didn't want to be "rude," but how did Obama earn it? Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus was blunt: "This is ridiculous -- embarrassing, even." She said the award is supposed to be for "doing, not being."

That is true, but for the swelling group of Americans who are not enamored of Obama, that could easily be turned around on the media: Why would you, of all people, question the inflated judgment of the five Norwegian prize pickers? They are merely doing the same thing you've been doing for five years: praising Obama far beyond his actual job experience...

I guess I am amazed that people are still laughing at this travesty. I posted a couple of articles back when this first happened. Still it is interesting that even those on the left are still upset by this farce. It is in fact the reason that Obama is now starting a war with Fox News. Obama is desperate to change the subject. He is being hammered by the public over the health care takeover. He is being hammered by the press (and our national comedians) over the Nobel Prize farce. He is being hammered by foreign affairs leadership over his mishandling of Iran, Israel, Afghanistan and Russia.

The solution of the whiners in his regime? Attack the press, or at least the part of the press they think the rest will not defend. What this amateur does not seem to appreciate is how weak this makes him look. The average American does though.

From the article, Obama "doesn't see America as exceptional. He has described his own country as an arrogant power that's too greedy, too insular and too uneducated. The self-loathing international community loves a self-loathing American."

Constantly repeating this mantra makes our enemies think he is weak as well. Unfortunately they are treating America like it is as weak as our President.


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