Friday, October 16, 2009

One Pleasant Day In Runnymede

by Joseph A Olson, PE - October 15, 2009 - Canada Free Press

In the year of 1215 AD, an army of peasants and their tribal leaders, tired of the unbroken history of human abuse at the hands of “Devine Right Rulers” forced King John of England to sign the Magna Carta. They then forced him to sign and place the Royal Wax seal on fifty copies so all Englishmen would know their rights. This “Great Charter” was immediately annulled by the Pope. For the next eight centuries royalists burned every copy they could capture, but today four originals still remain.

“No free man shall be taken or imprisoned or deprived or outlawed or exiled in any way, except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.”

This direct quote, along with fifty other covenants, became the basis for Canon Law and seed for the American Bill of Rights. These great documents then inspired freedom movements around the globe, but today only a small fraction of humanity can claim to have freedom. Sadly, tyranny never sleeps and Western freedom is under assault from utopians again.

These opening paragraphs give little clue to the intelligent debunking which this article provides of the fraud being prepetrated by the proponents of man-caused-global-warming. Much of my frustration with many on the left is their nearly illiterate inability to acknowledge history which proves them wrong. Mr. Olsen has writen one of the better articles on the subject of global warming I have read.

I especially like the history of the CO2 fraud, which actualy goes back nearly 100 years. Knowing how it came about, how can anyone believe it? Yet those on the left still do. Everyone should be told about the scam that was started by Svante Arrhenius so many years ago. Yet few know it.

I also like his use of the chicken little story as a metaphor for the puppet masters who are selling the global warming scam. Very good article.


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