Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The News Is Broken

by Dana Milbank - October 20th, 2009 - Washington Post

"The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is now getting ready to throw its weight behind strong climate legislation," the business channel's reporter announced, as "Breaking News" flashed on the screen.

About the same time, the Reuters news service fired off a bulletin on its wire: "US CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SAYS WILL NO LONGER OPPOSE CLIMATE CHANGE LEGISLATION." The news was automatically posted on Web sites of news organizations subscribing to Reuters, including the New York Times and, um, The Washington Post.

Fox Business News, too, went with the "breaking" graphic. "Breaking news, right now, the Chamber of Commerce saying it will reverse its position on the climate-change bill," the anchor reported. A few seconds later, he paused. "Apparently we just called the Chamber of Commerce," he said, "and they're denying that they are changing their position." The anchor, still on air, began a discussion with his producer before explaining to his audience, "It's live TV, folks."

Almost all of live news got it wrong. It was not just not true. It was a hoax of huge proportions perpetrated by left wing radical environmental extremists called the "Yes Men". All the details of the hoax are in the article. The consequences are not. A long term hoax made famous by Al Gore claiming global warming is caused by man... is now being supported by conducting more hoaxes... perpetrated by the same global warming fanatics that started the global warming scam now fraudulently claiming that opponents are changing their minds.

The reasons are simple. More and more of the truth about the global warming scam is becoming known. More and more of the fraudulent science is being disproved. More and more of the global socialist planning to conduct the scam for political purposes is coming to light.

All the environmental radicals have left is to create chaos and confusion by conducting hoaxes like this one. They hope that people will remember the shock of the initial broadcast and ignore the retractions that are downplayed by news agencies mortified by being duped.


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