Tuesday, October 20, 2009

National Juggernaut

This 1948 cartoon has gone viral on the Internet. It was produced during a time of communist attempts to subvert our government and steal our freedoms. The reaction to the cartoon is very curious. Liberals and socialists see it as a condemnation of George W. Bush. Conservatives and libertarians see it as a condemnation of Barack Obama. No matter how you see it, the cartoon explains a lot about the national agreement on certain basic philosophies that used to exist. Today there is some question that we still agree on those basic philosophies. If for no other reason that makes it worth watching.

There is also another difference. In 1948 the threat to freedom was external. Today the threat to freedom is internal. Yet we have a public breakdown in support for the both left and the right philosophies whose proponents still argue about the future... and over the same issues they argued about in 1948.

In any event, this conversation on our future is important and the cartoon is well worth watching. It is around 10 minutes long and covers a lot of ground during that short period. I am not surprised it is going viral.

Click here for the link and then click on the arrowhead to start the video.


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