Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama's Mind Game

by Robin of Berkeley - November 17th, 2009 - American Thinker

A thug bites off a finger. Sarah Palin's church is torched. Bullies intimidate voters.

Last week, an esteemed Columbia University black architecture professor punched a white female coworker in the eye for not doing more about white privilege.

He has no history of violence. So why now?

Why now? This may be the most important question of our time. Why are some people reaching the boiling point? Why do many others look vacant, like an Invasion of the Body Snatchers? The shootings at military bases, from Little Rock to Fort Hood -- why now?

It's Obama, of course.

It will be really interesting to find out who this writer is. Once again she has written a magnificent article decoding the hate that flows from the left wing elements in our society. In earlier articles she proclaimed herself to be a former leftist (like David Horowitz). It certainly infuses her writing with a feeling of accuracy about the shortcomings of these people who hate us. She also proclaimed herself embedded in a company that so embraces the left wing fanatics she could not identify herself without a certainty of losing her job and her livelihood.

That theme frightens me. It says more than anything else the degree of extremism that you find on the left. I cannot imaging a right wing company owner ever being permitted to fire a subordinate for a political disagreement. Look at the extreme political correctness that protected Nidal Hasan in the Army. No one was willing to oppose his obvious hatred for our nation because it would have been their career that would have ended, not Hasan's. How insane is that? An enemy of our nation has better protection in our poltically correct society than those who love our nation. Even in our military.

This must end. I read almost everything that Robin of Berkeley writes since she allows us to know our enemy, and learn how to defeat them. As noted in her article posted
here, Barack Obama is the most insidious and divisive President our nation has ever elected to that august power. He is leading his cult to destroy us. It is time we started waking up to the consequences if we do not fight back.


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