Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hillary Clinton Scrubs
Ronald Reagan From History

by Nile Gardiner - November 10th, 2009 - London Telegraph

It’s bad enough that President Obama could not be bothered to attend the celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. But Hillary Clinton’s refusal to even acknowledge the role played by Ronald Reagan in the Wall’s demise as well as the downfall of Communism was highly insulting towards one of the greatest figures of our time, and reeked of petty and partisan mean-spiritedness.

The Secretary of State’s remarks yesterday in Berlin completely erased from history the huge contribution played not only by President Reagan but also by the United States in confronting the Soviet Empire.

Again and again Hilary Clinton has denied she is a communist. Yet she emulates communists at every stage of her life. From her adulation of Saul Alinsky during her college years, to her willingness to rewrite history based on the COMMUNIST BIG LIE during this period as Secretary of State. Her supporters continue to whitewash her record, but such contemptible speeches as this one at the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, prove what she is. Hillary may pretend to have never heard of the demand by Ronald Reagan, "Mr. Gorbachev. Tear down this wall." Those who love America, have. Writing Reagan out of the history of this moment is childish. Nile Gardiner called it mean-spirited. Whatever adjective you chose, Hillary Clinton has proved herself once again a petty vindictive little bitch.


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